½ Day Quail Hunt- 2 People (24 Quail, access to lodge/facilities, & lunch) – $525

Full-Day Quail Hunt - 2 People (2 Hunts, 48 Quail, and lunch) – $1000

Upland Combination  (Quail and Pheasants):

½ Day Hunt - 2 People (17 Quail, 6 Pheasants, access to lodge/facilities, & lunch)  – $575

Full-Day Hunt, 2 People (34 Quail, 12 Pheasants, access to lodge/facilities, & lunch)  – $1050

A-la-carte options:

Additional Birds: $11/Quail, $22/Pheasant, $15/Chukar plus $60 field use fee.

​Gun Rental - $50/day

Shotgun Shells - Ask for pricing

Additional night lodging - $150 (Up to 3 hunters)

Upland Bird Hunting

​Priced per 2 hunters, individual & larger group pricing upon request

"That's what a lot of quail hunting is- a series of paintings that we walk into, and out of all day long." - Gene Hill 

Upland bird hunts provide an experience that is difficult to match in the outdoors. You’ll have numerous encounters and multiple challenges while combing our carefully managed bird fields. Our coveys of native quail are supplemented with our own flight-conditioned, raised birds. Our pen-raised birds are exposed to the absolute minimum amount of human contact and are reared in extra-large pens with native feed to mimic a natural, wild habitat. 

Our Upland hunting fields consist of:

          -Over 50 acres of warm season grasses

          -Almost 30 of acres of corn and sunflowers

          -Experienced guides and seasoned dogs

We offer a variety of hunts to ensure that we can cater to any group or individual’s wing-shooting desires. All of our hunts include:

          -transportation to and from the field

          -guides (self-guided hunts available upon request)

          -dogs (arrangements for personal dogs can be made)



Additional Options:

         - Lodging (Included for all full day hunts)

         -Airport Transportation

​         -bird cleaning and packaging